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For many people suffering from dust allergies, even vacuuming with a H.E.P.A.-rated vacuum cleaner can cause a flare-up. According to Dave Duenas of Awesome Vac, a central vacuum installation specialist serving South Florida from the Key’s all the way up to Melbourne Beach, a properly installed built-in vacuum cleaning system is the only way to truly avoid an allergic reaction when vacuuming. If you’ve ever noticed that your H.E.P.A. vacuum system doesn’t quite measure up to the performance of a central vacuum, you’re not alone. The truth is, there are many benefits to switching over from a conventional HEPA vacuum to a central vacuum system, and when it comes to cleaning your home, these benefits can make a big difference in the speed and efficiency of cleaning. But, the number one benefit, especially for those with allergies or respiratory issues, is significantly cleaner air in your family’s living space.

Top Reason Central Vacuum Beats H.E.P.A. – 100% of dust and allergens are exhausted out of living areas.

H.E.P.A. removes a significant amount of dust and allergens from your home compared to non-H.E.P.A. vacuum cleaners. But, even the best H.E.P.A. can spew minutes amount of dust which can trigger breathing problems in sensitive individuals. Additionally, H.E.P.A. vacuum cleaners do nothing about off-gassing potential toxins from cleaning supplies, manufactured goods, household odors, and noxious contaminants that fester inside of the filters, bags, and motors of conventional vacuums and are exhausted right back into the room you are trying to “clean”.

With a built-in central vacuum cleaning system, on the other hand, 100% of dust, allergens, gasses, and noxious odors are exhausted out of living areas without zero chance of recirculation back into the air you breathe. H.E.P.A. doesn’t even come close. Additionally, there is no noise generated by a well made and properly installed system.

The #1 home improvement for allergy sufferers.

Central vacuum beats H.E.P.A plain and simple. Central Vacuum systems are perfect for allergy sufferers. Dust mites, mold and pet dander are three of the most common allergens in the home. H.E.P.A vacuums attempt to removes these allergens from your home. The reality is that a conventional vacuum cleaner blows a large column of warm air that is under pressure through the filthy contaminants that are collected in a bag and recycles that air back into the room.

This is analogous to drinking highly purified water from a sewage system. It can be done, but why would you do this if you have an alternative?

Installation in new or existing homes.

A central vacuum system can be installed in both new and existing homes.

  • New homes: This is a great time to install a central vacuum. Speak with your builder or architect and a new system can easily be incorporated into the plans.
  • Existing homes: If you have an older home, there are rarely modifications that need to be made for a central vacuum system to be installed by professionals. A system can typically be installed in less than a day and will look and work the same as if installed when the house was being built.

With a professional installation service like Wade’s Cyclovac serving Central Oregon, there’s no longer an excuse to go without a central vacuum system in your home if you truly want one.

Conclusion – Hands Down, Central Vacuum Beats H.E.P.A Vacuum Cleaners in every way.

There is a better and healthier way to vacuum your home besides a conventional H.E.P.A. rated vacuum cleaner, a Central Vacuum system.

With the advantage of increased power and cleaning efficiency along with superior filtration and the ability to install in both new and existing homes, anyone with respiratory problems of any kind will benefit greatly from installing a central vacuum system.

For anyone in South Florida looking for the ultimate way to clean your home and improve air quality for someone in your household consider having Awesome Vac Central Vacuum Installers add a build-in central vacuum cleaning system to your new or existing home.